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Dental Information

Periodontal disease is the most common ailment of small animals and imperils your pet's health and quality of life. It is a progressive, unrelenting disease.  Standard dental prophylaxis and treatment include a thorough oral exam, general isoflurane anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, intravenous catheter with fluids, ultrasonic cleaning, full mouth dental x-rays and slow speed polishing. Having this procedure done can prevent pain, infection and additional tooth loss. Your pet will need pre-operative bloodwork prior to the procedure to check for kidney and liver function.

dental monitor
This machine continuously measures heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level throughout the procedure.

anesthesia machine

Pictured above is our anesthesia machine. This machine uses isoflurane as an anesthetic gas.

dental x-ray unit

This is our dental x-ray unit. This is what we use to see if any teeth are diseased above and below the gum line that would warrant extraction. 

dental x-ray
This is an example of what a dental x-ray looks like after it is taken. This pet has a fairly healthy mouth! As you can see the roots in a pet's mouth a fairly large. This is where all of our time and materials go when it comes to extracting teeth. A high powered drill is normally needed to get those large roots out!

example of a healthy mouth
Pictured above you will see an example of a healthy mouth. The teeth are fairly white, there is no redness of the gums, no tartar build it, and no dental anomalies. 

unhealthy mouth
Pictured here you will see an example of an unhealthy mouth. This mouth features issues like gum recession, redness of the gums, fractured teeth, and deciduous teeth (also known as baby teeth).

 dental machine
Pictured here is our dental machine. This machine includes things like our scaler to clean teeth, our drill to extract teeth, and our polisher to polish teeth. The scaler that cleans the teeth leaves microscopic etches in the tooth that allow for bacteria to attach and grow. To prevent this from happening, we polish the teeth which keeps the bacteria from being able to attach to the tooth and cause further issues. 

For more information on having your pets teeth examined or to schedule a dental procedure,
please call the office at (717)867-2662.